Neraj S

My son suffered form very bad eczema for years. Even with all the creams and medicines his skin was raw and he found it difficult to sleep. Ruchi from HealthWise has worked wonders for him. He is now off the medicines. He has not had the terrible hay fever he used to have each year in Spring. What I really like about Ruchi is that along with the medicines she also pays a lot of attention to nutrition and advises us how to use nutrition ho heal the body. She has a very calming and positive influence.

Annette B:

I’ve been seeing Ruchi for a few weeks now and I’m noticing a significant improvement in my general health; better digestion, sleep and energy levels. I find her holistic approach very useful as I’ve had dietary advice that has caused a huge improvement in my sleep, emotions and mood. The hyperthyroid symptoms have improved greatly too.

Ruchi is very thorough, compassionate and knowledgeable. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Nathan M:

I have been consulting with Ruchi for almost 6 months so far, and am very pleased with the results I have been getting.

When I went for my first session, I had had stomach pains and digestive problems for many months, and was constantly in discomfort. I had very low energy levels, being tired almost constantly.    I had also suffered from very bad hay fever for 20 years, with summers being an utter misery.

Ruchi gave me various homeopathic remedies for my different ailments, and also did food allergy tests for me. Since taking the homeopathic pills, and following her advice, my digestive issues are greatly improved, and my health and energy levels are considerably increased. Best of all, my hay fever has been almost non-existent this summer – despite it being one of the worst years for most people.

Overall I would thoroughly recommend Ruchi, and the homeopathy treatments.

Stephanie D:

I have suffered from terrible hayfever for many years with limited help from over the counter and prescription medication. It got to the point that it had started to affect my work, home and social life. I decided to try homeopathy and am so glad that I did! Ruchi is fantastic, her knowledge of homeopathy and nutrition is amazing and she really takes time to explain everything thoroughly.
I am pleased to say that my hayfever settled down so quickly after treatment with her and she has also successfully helped me with other aspects of my health. I am so grateful to Ruchi, she really has improved my quality of life.

T. Foster

I am very impressed with the treatment I have received from Ruchi. I suffered with pain from a pilonidal sinus, and was told the only option would be to have an operation, which could potentially result in a recurrence of the problem in years to come. Ruchi took a holistic approach to my treatment and got to the root of the problem. Within a few months the sinus decreased and the pain was steadily improving.

Now, after a year on, I am virtually pain free and I am still seeing improvements in lots of areas of my life; sleep, digestion, mood and energy levels. I am so thankful for Ruchi and her compassion towards her patients and dedication to her practice, I can’t recommend Homeotherapy highly enough.


Yesterday, for the first time in many years, I re-gained my sense of smell. I could smell the vegetables we bought at the market, and noticed that the butcher’s shop smelled of meat. More importantly, my knees are feeling better (I can do a lot more exercise without them aching), and my throat, which had been feeling constantly tense, is relaxed. And these are unexpected benefits because they weren’t the main reason for me going to see Ruchi. A couple of months ago I went to A&E because of a racing heart caused by stress. The hospital sent me home having not found anything wrong, but I knew I needed some help, so decided to try out homeopathy. I googled local homeopaths, and decided on Ruchi at Heathwise Homepathy because she is a homeopathy specialist, and looked down to earth. Ruchi lived up to my expectations and I have been very pleased with the results. The bloating that I think caused the problem has steadily gone away and I am feeling happier and a lot more able to cope with life’s stresses.

The question I expect many people, including myself ask, is how can such a counter-intuitive form of medicine work? Is it all in the mind, and explainable by the placebo effect? From my experience I am sure there is more to it than this. There have been things that have unexpectedly happened to me with the treatment, most notably an instant and unexpected reaction to the first remedy I took.

Uma G

Ruchi is amazing homeopathic doc and very good nutrition advisor. I had very bad episodes of tonsillitis for couple of years. They are so bad that doctors suggested to get it removed. I met Ruchi in a mums group and thought to give homeopathy a try .Fortunately my tonsillitis never returned. It’s been an year now. All thanks to her.

Katerina T.

I can only recommend Ruchi and her work 100 percent. Not only she helps me overcome my fears and improve my day to day life but thanks to her remedies and approach I don’t have thyroid anymore!!!!
I am so grateful for knowing Ruchi!
Thank you!!!

Alison C.

I first met Ruchi several weeks ago, I had suffered with a facial rash from late summer. I saw four different doctors over several weeks and also visited Emergency Care on one occasion as the rash was worsening and I had swollen eyes and lips , each time the diagnosis and treatment was different. I then decided to try Homeopathy again as I was treated successfully a few years ago. I found Ruchi’s website and contacted her, my first consultation was within days . I found Ruchi extremely easy to talk to, I was introduced to Kinesiology which is amazing!! I was prescribed one remedy and the next day the rash started to disappear. There has been a small flare up since but Ruchi is there with advice whenever I have needed to ask anything.I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Ruchi!!