How Homeopathy helps hay fever

I empathise with people currently suffering from Hayfever but ‘believe it or not’ it is not all the gloom as it may sound. Whilst it is a nightmare to live with those terrible symptoms, it is also an indication that your ‘Vital Forces’ are working strong. Think about an ‘allergy’ as being body’s fighting mechanism against any ‘foreign and unwanted intruders’ into the system. You really want to keep that natural fighting capability of your body going while minimising the ‘symptoms’ and that’s exactly what Homeopathy does!! I normally go through a 3-stage process:

  1. Holistic consultation to understand what all is going on with the person at physiological and emotional level. Also to identify and address some of the underlying root causes that reflects in the form of hay fever allergy. This also helps in strengthening an individual’s constitution.
  2. Somewhere around Jan/Feb (before the season starts), I provide remedies that proactively prepare body to face the hay fever season in advance.
  3. During the Hayfever season, most people find that their symptoms have become milder from remedies in Jan/Feb, however it is a gradual process. Also the nature of pollen varies every year and also from week to week. So, it is not uncommon people to still feel hay fever symptoms during the season. In that situation, I continue to provide remedies to relieve the hay fever symptoms as and when it happens.

Remember, homeopathic remedies are completely natural with no side effects. It gives an immense pleasure to help several people who have been badly suffering this season.